Frozen Juice Or Fresh Juice?

As the nation of frozen juices and fresh juices continues to grow in popularity, so too does the spectrum of healthy smoothies, alcoholic drinks and other alternatives to sweetened drinks.

As the interest in juicing and preparing juices has grown, so too has the interest in the nutritional value of consuming juices. Today, we are seeing a rise in the acceptance of fruits and vegetables far more than we were previously accustomed to. Even with the current interest in juicing, an increasing number of people have added this nutritional value to their daily routine.

The any number of nutritional benefits to consuming juices is not limited to the benefits of raw juices. Artificial means may also be used to obtain juice, such as the use of vitamin and mineral supplement drinks. These drinks, when used without medical supervision can be a primary source of nutrients not found in other foods. Consider the impact of such drinks on the body as a whole.

The vital functions and normal functioning of the body are dependent on the presence and the proper functioning of the antioxidant system. This system has an abundance of antioxidants that are consumed in juices. Juice is not only a rich source of antioxidants but also one of the best sources of essential nutrition. Antioxidants are consumed to protect body cells from damage that would otherwise occur due to the accumulation of free radicals. Free radicals are produced by every human organ and natural substances such as freshly minced garlic and shiitake mushrooms have been recently shown to help protect cells from damage by superoxide radicals which cause genetic damage.

The best way to protect your body from the damage caused by free radicals is to become a regular juice drinker. This way you are assured that the damage caused to the body due to free radicals is reduced. But what good is drinking fresh juice if you do not take steps to avoid frequent juice intake? You can get a number of benefits from juicing if you take the right products.

The latest juice drinks have added marvels of taste to traditional juice drinks. These new additions combine the goodness of juice with a pungent taste that will have an impact on the taste buds of today’s generation. Here are a few of the newest innovations in juice drinks.

It is now common to see commercials on T.V. that introduce the use of Goji berries and Nigella Lawson’s regular lemon juice in a drink celebrating the antioxidants and Omega 3 contained in the berries. This marketing tactic surely has helped increase the sales of these two products to remarkable heights.

Another new thing is assurance that the principal ingredient of these two juices is “real fruit juice.” This may seem news to some, but there are several agents added in fruit juice that are puree. They include vitamin C and sucrose. Another thing is that there is no added sugar. Apples, pulp, and residues are removed as far as possible.

Yet another thing that has become an importance in juice drinks is the “percent of juice.” This tells us that the 100% juice is packed with nutrients and is a good source of essential vitamins and minerals. The practical importance of this can be seen in the fact that some of the most popular 100% juices are heavily marketed toward the health conscious or sportsperson. The companies that manufacture these products are doing a good job in capitalizing on this market.

Other juices have tried to imitate the taste and health benefits of natural fruit juices, but have ultimately failed to accomplish this. The fruit juice has fusion with the other additives and flavors that are found in sodas and alcoholic drinks to come up with a new “taste like water” product. Unfortunately, Product flavorings and additives found in juices are below the standards of Mother Nature’s standards.

The proper juice drink must not only taste good, but it must nourish the body and energize the mind. This is why the important to ascertain the nutritional value of the drinks that are consumed is to make sure that the produce is rich in pure vitamins and minerals.

Though raw juices have many health benefits, the faster pace of living and the availability of exotic products have little compare to the worth of freshly prepared juice drinks. With the fast pace of life, people do not have the time to bother about nutrition. They tend to eat convenient foods and take shortcuts to answered their daily expertise. This is not conducive to healthy living and it is high time we start paying attention to our personal health and food habits. In this manner, we can start taking care of what we eat and preparing quality food from scratch without compromising on taste.