How to Avoid Fish Oil Side Effects

Fish oil has so many benefits that the list of good effects seems too big to mention here. Important ones like its ability to improve the brain’s performance (via improved memory and concentration) and its function as an anti-inflammatory are the most basic and most immediate benefits you’ll receive.

However, many people become concerned when they notice fishy-tasting burps after taking the supplements. Those burps are actually proof that the oil used in the capsule has gone rancid and is therefore not good for consumption.

The cause of this is oxidation. If the bottle has low oxidation then it will produce fewer burps. But if the oil is rancid, beware of the higher the degree of oxidation.

Rancid oil will produce the familiar fishy taste and also give you extremely belching (no pun intended) after burps. This can also lead to a degradation of the protective lining of the intestine — the duodenum.

This can ultimately lead to problems with digestion and nutrition. It is a serious problem and you should see your doctor if you suspect this is the cause.

The duodenum needs to be protected from air, light and heat to keep it from degenerating. However, if the protective lining degenerates it can — depending on the severity of the condition — result in a disease called peptic ulcer. This disease will present with an abundance of stomach ulcers and possibly pellets, blood in the excreted feces, and malformed sets — all of which are very unpleasant.

Containing such a low oxidation level is a great way to avoid the nasty side effects of ingesting rancid oil. So, you should also avoid buying supplements that contain additives of any kind.

From my experience, freshness and purity are the norms in the best brands. However, there are many supplements that are not fresh and pyrogenic.

For best results, the acai supplements I personally take should be in their organic form. This means that they should not contain preservatives, flavorings, coloring, additives of any kind and not contain any artificial vitamin E, beta carotene, or vitamin E-ishi (garcinia cambogia).

Garlic is also essential for a healthy lifestyle. When buying acai supplements, never purchase those that have been coated with artificial flavors.

If you are truly looking to optimize your health, you should purchase those that are merely high in antioxidants. Look for strict GMP compliance and make sure the product does indeed contain the number of antioxidants (in various forms) that experts say is necessary to delay the onset of disease.

A high-quality acai supplement also should contain a blend of other ingredients that may help to compromise the efficacy of cancer. There are a number of such ingredients that may be helpful to you include omega-3 fatty acids, bee pollen, ground cinnamon, goldenseal, vitamin E-ishi, vitamin A (taken preciously), and vitamin C.

This particular mixture of ingredients helps to ensure that the beneficial effects of the acai berry are maximized while avoiding any negative unintended effects.

Taking the acai berry Ideally, a person looking to start on an acai berry regime needs to purchase from an organic acai grower. These growers are not only meticulous about their methods, they are also looking to develop their brands through manufacturing and packaging. Therefore, they are often certified organic (under the unfortunately popular non-organic label), and furthermore, they are looking to sell these acai capsules through health stores, distributors, and online.

Therefore, you should purchase from a qualified and properly administered acai grower. I cannot stress just how important this is to your good health. Let me give you a few examples:

Some of the acai supplements are blended with added flavors, such as lemon. Anything in this state is a health disaster. The flavors should be masked, for they do not complement the acai content.

Other brands may include added sugar, starch, or other fillers. Not only is this undesirable — it may also contribute to the deterioration of the acai’s quality.

Various brands of acai may include less than 100% acai berry content. You should likewise see a percentage of “other ingredients” whenever you review a prior version of this product.